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Updated: Mar 25

Sunrise in Tulum

Life is full of continuous ups and downs that we cannot avoid.  Throughout history people used travel as a way to deal with the complexities of daily life.  Many have embarked on pilgrimages, spiritual retreats, meditative retreats, and other physically demanding adventures to strengthen their faith, empower their spirit and purify their vision. 

Regardless of how different our missions, travel will help us go inwards and recover or uncover some lost part of ourselves and reignite it.  Whatever helps us find answers, strength and inspiration for everyday personal, work and family life is not a luxury but a crucial aspect in the quality of our lives.   


At the heart, travel is transformational.  Any journey we go on we exit our routine patterns and step into some different unknown sequence of events and experiences.  Obviously, an opportunity to lie on the beach and just stare at the blue ocean and the sky is very regenerating. Some people enjoy resting, while others love physically exhausting and invigorating adventures.  

wellness vacation in Tulum

Travel can break down old habits, barriers and problems and create new memories on which we can build new functional patterns.  When we travel, internal and external senses and experience tune in with our new environment and we start to let go of our daily programming. The moment you step out of the habitual lifestyle, the body will find the quickest way to release the accumulated stress.  Sometimes this can be through illness, pain or injury.

Have you ever wondered why your body seems to break down or you get sick, injured or your pain flares up when you take time off or go on a vacation?  The truth is that many people find themselves suffering while on their vacation due to vacation related illness or injury rather than enjoying it fully. Your vacation enjoyment can depend on the choices and your wellness practices before you go on your vacation.  

Once you are away from your habitual patterns, your body is ready to release and let go of the accumulated stresses freeing up space in your body, mind or emotions.  When you remove yourself from the familiar aesthetic, smells, people, thoughts, conversations or habits you inhibit your habitual thinking or acting and renew your brain patterns and your energy.  Even something as simple as taking a long car ride will have positive effects on the person. Therefore, the change in scenery and experience is healthy for the nervous system. Your body will get a deep resting from any regular sensory withdrawal or overstimulation.  And this is the time when you all of a sudden have new fresh ideas.

When you deactivate old patterns by doing new positive activities, you stimulate the brain to create new interesting memories.  Interesting memories are interesting for both you and your brain so you and your brain will look for ways to recreate similar memories to renew itself.  If we can accept that the body, mind or our spirit will want to release the stresses from everyday life while on vacation than we can work with this pattern and help transform it into something positive.

Transformational travel builds new habits in our lives and from there we grow and change.  Change is inevitable and choosing to change as part of our vacation can help focus our energy and prioritize things that we find challenging to resolve in our everyday lives.  

a purposeful travel in Tulum


We are constantly bombarded with cookie cutter marketers that tells us what we are lacking and what we should buy to fill the gap.  There are so many all inclusive vacation formulas that can fill the vacation gap. But will you, the most important person in your life, be satisfied?  Choosing an authentic purposeful vacation isn’t something cookie-cutter vacation can do.

Consider that travel is a way to transform daily habits and create new positive changes in your life.  When you take a purposeful vacation you make yourself the centre of the pampering. If you already know that the body will be letting go of stresses when you take time off, planing a purposeful travel can help you accept and reroute the stress releasing and the healing process into something meaningful.  Most importantly, at the centre of your vacation you will find the most important person in your life. This person is you. Whatever the reason for your vacation, you are the person worth curating the best vacation for.  

If Tulum is calling you, it will not disappoint!  Many people yearly come to Tulum looking to empty their minds and rejuvenate their bodies.  Besides enjoying a lazy vacation on the beach, taking in the Tulum nature, restaurants and many recreational activities, Tulum offers a plethora of traditional and contemporary wellness and healing choices for anyone at any age. 

Tulum has been considered a mecca for transformation and healing.  Surrounded by gorgeous Caribbean sea, underground waters, countless mayan ruins, thick jungle and the open sky it has all of the elements for a healing and nurturing holiday.  Beyond its natural beauty, Tulum energy is something that every traveler will experience beyond doubt. People have been drawn to Tulum for ages to change their lives. Many people travel to Tulum for extended periods of time and focus on wellness and health joining yoga classes and abundant wellness experiences.  

But it’s beyond that.  Tulum energy accelerates everything from your intention to your focus.  This is one of the reasons why people feel magnetically drawn to Tulum. Yet oftentimes they don’t know where to start when they are choosing an appropriate retreat or a vacation for them.  

yoga for wellness

Before choosing your Tulum vacation, consider what purpose or intention you have for your trip.  When you travel with intention you improve your state of wellness and health. This way you turn your vacation holiday into a purposeful travel, a mini pilgrimage that gets you closer to your centre.  Wellness travel is travel with purpose focused on you. Purposeful travel is a step closer to using travel as a transformation tool that will serve you as embodied inspiration for your daily life. 

We, at Sanaprana Tulum and Tulum Wellness Concierge have joined forces to guide you from your decision making process to your wellness services in Tulum.  Before you decide to plunge into a Tulum wellness vacation, don’t hesitate to contact us for curated wellness trips full of great advice and guided personalized adventures.  If your vacation to Tulum were a fairytale trip, and you the hero of the fairytale, what vacation would you choose to have?  

Wellness therapy

Sanaprana Tulum is an integrative wellness centre in Tulum that offers you comprehensive therapeutics to regenerate your body, mind and spirit.  At Sanaprana we bridge medicine with tradition through osteopathy, massage, breath-work, Reiki, and Reflexology through one on one therapeutics.  Besides one on one therapeutics, we offer innovative Pranacore movement classes that take you on a journey from your breath to your inner power through biomechanics of movement and yoga.  All of our therapies are focused on helping your transform your habitual patterns into functional lifestyle and guide you closer to the fountain of your inner power.

Contact us at Tulum Wellness Concierge for more info on our curated holidays; our wellness consultant \ concierge will be helping you design the most inspiring life-changing vacation! 

Written by Jelena Lepesic

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