7 mega ingridients that will juice up your yoga asana practice - on and off the mat

Each one of the following points is in a synergetic union with the point before and after. Numbered for clarity, but feel free to mix and match :)


By practicing Pranayama you can improve the quality of your life.  Pranayama improves the function of the breathing muscles and mechanisms while distributing Prana/lifeforce throughout the whole body.  Breathing feeds every cell with new energy. The nervous system generally dictates the breath, but through conscious Pranayama exercises one can control the quality, rate, speed and intensity of the breath, thus affecting the nervous system.  The nervous system directly controls the heart rate, the physiological, the mental and the emotional states.  Breathe consciously during your yoga practice so that you can breathe consciously off the mat.  Continue reading about the breath.


Nurture a non-violence relationship with your body.  Cause no force or injury to yourself by yourself.  Use your intellect to control your movements through the conscious focus on your inhales and exhales.  Don't push your body with your will without the energy of breath guiding you in and out of positions.  Allow the breath to dictate the depth of a posture, as posture isn't an obligatory end product, but a process of adjusting the mind and the body towards better function.  Let the breath release either your tension, stress or pain; don't push through it.  Practice ahimsa, compassion to yourself and your own process.


Use your feet and toe muscles in order to build a strong foundation in any yoga asana.  As you engage your feet muscles appropriately, you aim to correctly distribute the body weight of your whole bo