In my 20s I injured both my hips in 2 separate rock climbing occasions. Later, I both improved and exaggerated the injuries with my yoga asana practice. In 2008 I was in pain and limping so I started asking my senior yoga teachers and therapists what to do. Most yoga teachers told me to practice more yoga asana and the physical therapists told me to stay away from yoga. By 2012, after my first MRI, I was discussing potential hip injuries with two orthopaedic specialists.


The First Doctor who diagnosed me suggested I have a bilateral hip surgery. He also said it would take me 1 year to recover from. Since I relied on my body for income through yoga teaching and massage therapy I was worried about how I would make an income during the rehab phase. My ego exploded immediately. The First Doctor also predicted I would have arthritis by the age of 40.

The Second Doctor took me aside and after getting to know me as a person, said that changing my lifestyle could potentially change the future of my hips. I went from getting horrible news to finding a potential way out of them! The Second Doctor didn’t really say how I would have to change my lifestyle, so this task seemed like Mission Impossible to me.

Luckily, I was willing to do anything to get out of pain and discomfort so nothing seemed unreasonable. Besides, as a student of osteopathy and I saw that as my way to heal myself. I had to believe in myself and faith my way through this seemingly impossible mission.


I actually visualized that I had an energetic surgery and everything I did from that point on would help me heal and improve. So I decreased my yoga practice and started incorporating more physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises. I increased my food intake and backed out from feeling hungry. I stopped taking anything that I was told I needed. I also dropped taking supplements and stimulants and the only craving that I had was hot water.

I prayed a lot. I wrote a lot.

I even started binge watched the Prison Break and the True Blood shows online and whatever else I could out of the ordinary. I even st