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MythBusters: Debunking Common Myths About Osteopathy

Jelena Lepesic offering Osteopathy to a client in Tulum

Are you searching for a way to feel better in your whole body, inside and out? We have a solution just that would suit you the best!

Osteopathy is a non-invasive manual therapy that applies soft tissue, joint and bone mobility techniques, as well as nervous system methods to improve the patient’s overall health.

Osteopathy works quite well alongside other kinds of healthcare, as a holistic approach, based in medicine that acts as a diagnostic, educational and therapeutic tool for you to reach your health goals.  

However, some wonder if Osteopathy is safe?

Firstly, let’s briefly understand the conditions Osteopathy can treat and what are the benefits that can be drawn out of this treatment method.

A Brief Introduction to Osteopathy

Understand Osteopathy as a drug-free therapy, aiming to improve your overall health across all body systems by strengthening your neuromuscular and musculoskeletal frameworks.

A certified osteopathic physician focuses on muscles, spine, and joints. The therapy aims to positively affect the body’s circulatory, nervous, and lymphatic systems.

Osteopathy service provides relief and treats a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Headache

  • Arthritis

  • Hip, knee, ankle, and foot pain

  • Shoulder, hand, and elbow pain

  • Tennis and golfer’s elbow

  • Neuralgia

  • Digestive problems and more

Osteopathy service provides the following benefits:

  • Pain relief

  • Improves blood circulation to tissues

  • Mobility and posture

  • Prevents injury

  • Reduces stress

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Faster healing

Thus, in this article, we will smash ten myths about Osteopathy services. So, keep a count on what you thought was a myth but is a fact.

Osteopathy Services: Let’s Debunk the Misconceptions

Have you felt skeptical when you hear Osteopathy? Despite the growing popularity of the therapy, the Osteopathy service is covered in several myths. And we are here to debunk Osteopathy misconceptions! Let’s dive into it.

1. Osteopathy is just about creaky backs

Osteopaths can help with achy spines as well as address a comprehensive range of conditions.  Osteopathy services can help remedy you from respiratory, digestive, reproductive to nervous system conditions.  

2. Osteopathy is just about cracking bones

Are you looking for an alternative to chiropractic?  Chiropractors and Osteopaths are both healthcare professionals who treat musculoskeletal pain.  Osteopaths don’t “crack joints”, but rather work with the patient’s natural ranges of joint mobility.  Chiropractors use abrupt techniques that impulse joints beyond their natural ranges of movement to create an effect.  

3. Osteopathy is the “new age” trend

Believe it or not, Osteopathy has been around since the 1870s. The Osteopathy service was developed by an American doctor, Dr. Still, who observed the American Indigenous people’s healing methods and integrated them with his knowledge of anatomy and medicine. It is one of the first forms of manual therapy.  So, now you know that it’s a well-established approach to healthcare.

4. Osteopathy is a magic cure

Osteopathy services can bring amazing results, however, like any other therapy, it is not “one-size-fits-all.” It is a journey towards good healthcare and not a quick fix. Your doctor will chalk out a personalized plan for your recovery.

5. Osteopathy is painful

Osteopathy is a non-invasive treatment, which is generally relaxing and gentle. You may feel a minor discomfort as your body adjusts but Osteopaths are experts in taking very good care of you.

6. Osteopathy is only for athletes

Osteopathy is for people of all ages and activity levels. Whether you are a fitness freak or lead a not-so-active life, the Osteopathy service can help you improve your posture, reduce aches and pain, and increase your mobility.

7. Osteopathy means giving up on traditional therapies

Absolutely not! Osteopathy service is perfect for surgery, medication, or physical therapy. Sometimes, this method also reduces the dependency on medication by naturally managing pain.

8. Osteopathy treatment requires multiple appointments

Your number of appointments varies depending on your medical condition, which is true for most all therapy. What’s interesting is, it is not uncommon to see early improvements only within a few sessions.

Osteopaths focus on providing long-term solutions to their patients. These healthcare experts equip patients with self-care techniques and exercises to aid in their recovery process.

9. Osteopathy isn’t covered by insurance

Well, this point varies on insurance providers. More and more insurance plans around the glove cover osteopathic treatments, fully or partially.  So, it is best to check your insurance plan and company beforehand to understand the coverage.  Most importantly, your body is your temple and Osteopathy care can be so beneficial in one session alone and definitely worth the expense.  

10. Osteopaths are anti-medicine

The last big misconception! Osteopaths believe in a collaborative approach. These professionals can easily work alongside other specialists to provide the best care for their patients. Medicine is a vital part of healthcare, and osteopaths support their use and can help educate and aid clients in other methods that can help them deal with their conditions.

Osteopathy is a Safe, Effective, and Versatile Treatment Approach

So now you know that osteopathy is a natural way to feel connected and healthy in your overall being. It is a world-recognized form of medicine that restores optimal function of the body.

If you are curious to learn more, look for an osteopath in your area.

Remember, knowledge is power, and a healthy dose of debunking can pave the way to feeling your best!

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